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This webinar is ideal for Researchers, Experts & Entrepreneurs looking to discover opportunities in the cutting edge technologies of AI & Deep-Tech.
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The goal of  Disruptive Technopreneurship Webinar Live is to look at how entrepreneurs use current technology to establish successful businesses by bringing it from simulation to lab to industry.
Learn how scientific breakthrough technologies can transform industries.
AI & DEEP-TECH DIVE is to explore how technology entrepreneurship can build successful futuristic businesses by moving from IDEA to LAB to INDUSTIRES.
Learn how AI & DEEP-TECH spans over years and Develop in the lab and becomes market ready for Mass adoption.
Learn about the AI & DEEP-TECH technologies’ Intellectual Property Ownership.
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Attend the Live event

1. To understand how modern deep-tech/data science IDEAS are TRANSFORMED TO INDUSTRIES
2. To understand how INNOVATIONS CREATE BREAKTHROUGH the futuristic post–COVID world.
3. To acquire NEW ANALYTICAL AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS to navigate the complexity of the Deep–Tech Commercialization process.
4. To understand TECHNOLOGY READINESS and how will it be used in the future to create innovative breakthrough that enables mass adaptions.
5. To understand how to APPLY FOR FUNDING from venture capitalists to enable your business model.
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This webinar is the gateway to Deep–Tech Entrepreneurship (Deep Dive) where

Key Benefit #1
Hundreds of Deep–Tech business ideas are discussed
Key Benefit #2
We explore the various arenas of Futuristic Deep-Tech.
Key Benefit #3
We explore how Deep – Tech Entrepreneurs match promising technology with customer need to enable new Deep –Tech businesses
Key Benefit #4
You will receive ways to enable fruition of ideation of innovation into profitable industry.
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Are you interested in any one of these sectors?

1. Energy & Green technologies, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2. Extended Reality: VR, AR, and MR

3. Internet of Things, aka Smart Devices

4. Autonomous Vehicles, aka Self Driving Cars

5. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, DLT

6. Additive Manufacturing, aka 3D Printing

7. Quantum Computers

8. Food Tech, FinTech, AgriTech, Aerospace, FutureTech.

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Are you from any of the following Domains?


Micro Grid

Electrical vehicles

Nano Satellites

Supersonic Retro Propulsion













 Advanced Materials

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Do you want to be a part of the 13.6 Trillion-dollar economy in 2022?
Do you have the idea but lack an investor to incubate the ideas and accumulate them into the Market?
Do you know about the Deep Tech Super Stars that are emerging?
Do you want Personalized and customized assistance to reach investors?
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For AI & Deep Tech Entrepreneurs / Researchers

Get discovered by investors or 100s of options to invest in futuristic scientific innovation.
Express your AI & Deep-Tech story and engage with investors or get ready to bootstrap with your ideas
Are you pursuing any Entrepreneurial Businesses?
Showcase your enterprise in Deep-Tech Innovation.
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At a Glance

Facilitator : Dr. Azariah Samuel

Director & CEO, Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

10 plus years of experience in Technology Entrepreneurship

Masters in Technology Management

Masters in computational Biology

Researcher in Deep- Tech Informatics

Failed Forward in seven businesses before 2016.

Served more than 44,000 researchers & Worked with 700 plus full time employees from 2012 and many more associates.

Have successfully worked in HR recruitment, event management, software apps, computational informatics. Ph.D. research guidance, Digital branding, Technical Writing DOMAINS.

Take Aways

A) Systematic innovations
B) Identifying technology touch points
C) Understanding Deep-Tech Business models and Operation models
D) Industry 4.0 readiness
C) Understanding Deep-Tech Business models and Operation models
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Who Can Attend

1. Researchers of any domain (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management, Arts, Humanities, Data science).
2. Aspiring/Budding future Tech Data Science Entrepreneurs.
3. IT Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Investors.
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Subject/Domain : Business, Data science, Entrepreneurship & Deep-Tech informatics
Level : Introductory session to the Deep- Tech Entrepreneurship deep dive.
Language : English.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Business and Deep–Tech domains is a prerequisite.
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2.5 Lakh + People across the Globe have already Attended our webinars

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Mentorship Moments

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